Rubén Ferreiro

Rubén Ferreiro

General Partner



Rubén, an expert in digital marketing and e-commerce, has been a serial entrepreneur since 2001. He holds a degree in Economics from the University of Santiago de Compostela and has two master’s degrees in E-commerce and Business.

 After strategically restructuring his business, he became the principal shareholder of Elogia and founded VIKO in 2014, which has grown into a Digital-business Factory with strong presence in Spain and Mexico. Under his leadership, VIKO has launched or acquired notable digital firms like Marketing4eCommerce, Kraz, Candee, Optopus and Kaibos, collectively employing 220 people and generating over 10 million euros in net revenue across more than 20 markets and five continents.

 VIKO also acts as an entrepreneurial and investment muscle. When they identify an opportunity, they launch a direct solution, as in the case of YABA, where Rubén is co-founder and chairman, the leading digital native brand aggregator in southern Europe, a company financed with more than €75 million; or ARENGU (sold to Nasdaq-listed OKTA for over $12 million). They also partner with corporates to found new companies, such as Okify (with DAS), Coventia (with Swiss Re), and Equipzila (with GAM).

Beyond his corporate activities, Rubén extends his influence as an investor and advisor for several innovative seed-stage startups, with more than 20 direct participations, including notable investments in Glovo and Housfy in their first pre-seed rounds.

 What motivates him the most when investing is learning. Passionate about digital entrepreneurship and innovation. A proud Galician residing in sunny Barcelona and occasionally enjoying the vibrant chaos of CDMX. An avid traveler, foodie and enthusiast of life. Father of a lovely girl.